In partnership with the City of Torrance, the mission of Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation is to enrich the community through the performing arts by providing diverse cultural, educational and entertainment experiences of the highest quality.”

Christian Wolf

Christian Wolf
Executive and Artistic Director


The shared vision of the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation is to enrich the lives of all those within the City of Torrance and surrounding communities through the performing arts.

By presenting relevant, accessible and quality performances of all genres, it is believed that through these efforts it is possible to bridge cultural divides, help the young, build economic development and begin conversations relevant to the human condition.


TOCA values its patrons and will strive to provide exceptional service and experiences.

TOCA values the artists it brings to the stage and will always treat them with the utmost respect.

TOCA is a fiscally responsible organization. We understand that it is called “Show BUSINESS” for a reason. As such, we will make every effort to spend each dollar in the most effective way possible.

TOCA is a teaching organization who believes in passing down our knowledge and information to the next generation of arts leaders and performers. Each season will have an educational component and learning opportunities for interested parties of any age.

TOCA nurtures the appreciation and participation in the performing arts. At any given opportunity we will find ways for young and old alike to participate in the performing arts through active participation or as a spectator.

TOCA encourages the creation of new performances of quality. When scheduling and budget allows, we will make attempts to include new works in our various seasons. These works will have been seen and approved by the Executive Director and will be accessible works for audiences of all different ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

TOCA values diversity. We believe that diverse ideas, cultures and traditions reflect the broad diversity of the nation and enrich our insights into the work we present on stage. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work, including performance selection, hiring, marketing and public relations efforts, education programs, recruitment of volunteers, and the composition of the Board of Directors.