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What exactly makes a short film…well, short?  In general a short film is “any motion picture not long enough to be considered a feature film.”  In the case of the Pacific Coast International Short Film Festival, it’s a film that runs for 15 minutes or less, including credits.  The subject of the film can be anything from a documentary to experimental fiction, and can be shot in any format.

The 2018 Pacific Coast International Short Film Festival will be showcasing 16 films from artists all over the world.  Keep reading to learn more about the shorts in this year’s festival!

Scarlet-Angelina by Lorette Bayle

Never underestimate a little girl with good manners. Scarlett-Angelina is a little girl who knows how to take care of herself. When Ralph, the family chauffeur, kidnaps her, he gets more than he bargained for. He finds out the reason for her attitude when the exchange doesn’t go as planned.

MySon by Germain Lalot

French director Germain Lalot loves creating visual experiences with light and images to evoke emotion. MySon asks the question, ‘What do we want to pass on to future generations?’ Shot in the Vanuatu Islands, this film has a strong message of tolerance, humanity, and kindness.

Casey and the Hollow Beat by Marc Cleary

The second short film by director Marc Cleary, Casey and the Hollow Beat follows an introverted young dancer. After arrived late to the most important ballet audition of the year, she is forced to expose her biggest insecurity and still perform.

Help by Jorge Nebra

A man, alone now, has been abandoned by everyone, even his own memories. Help is an intimate, intense, emotional drama about living with Alzheimers, dementia, and dealing with oblivion.

34 Days, 18 Hours by Charles Meunier

34 jours, 18 heures… Bande annonce (34 days, 18 hours… Trailer) from Charles Meunier on Vimeo.

On Theo’s birthday all he wants to do is talk to his ex, Lucile. In a small twist of fate they end up calling each other at the same time, leaving each other a voicemail message that says more than they could have expressed in an entire conversation.

Wrecked Pulse by Peder Nilsson, Film Director and Skånes Dansteater, producer.

Filmed in an unused water tower in Malmö, Sweden, this short, contemporary dance film shows snippets of relationships between dancers who have unnamed, unexplained physical differences. They must figure out a way to use those differences to achieve a balance within the choreography.

Nasty Woman by Hayleyann Evers

With a combination of poetry, dance, and cinematography, Nasty Woman campaigns against gender inequality in response to social injustices.

Umeshu Night by Charles Meunier

Reality can be painful sometimes, but sharing a pleasant moment with another person can make it better. Umeshu Night shows two strangers in a Japanese restaurant who connect over a glass of plum wine for a short, but sweet, break from harsh reality.

30 Cents by Markus Thorington

Can you solve the mystery of who killed Eli Raybon in this reverse thriller? Director Markus Thorington created a short that’s played entirely in reverse, as if someone had threaded the reel incorrectly, starting with the credits and ending up at the beginning.

Evaporated by Jimena Mulia

This film by directory Jimena Muhlia explores eroticism from the point of view of a young man named Rafa. Rafa begins fantasizing about his best friend’s mother after catching her in an intimate moment. He tries to approach her as a romantic interest and finds that his overtures have consequences for his friendship.

Coffee Notes by Peter Jacobs

This short by director Peter Jacobs shows a young cello player and his aging mentor sharing a breakthrough of creative expression.

Velo Visionaries by Kristin Tieche

Veto Visionaries is a series interviews with some of today’s top visionaries in the global bicycle culture. Traveling by bicycle provides a unique perspective to the person behind the handlebars. Director Kristin Tieche was inspired by people she’s met in the international bicycle community, and she wanted to tell the stories of the exceptional people she’s come across.

SNAP! by Zachary Brown

What could extraordinary talent do for an ordinary boy, in an ordinary town, filled with ordinary people? It could take him to the top of the world. Director Zachary Brown has long been fascinated by the art of translating stories around him into narratives.

Strangers in Love by Dionne van den Berg

Director Dionne van den Berg tells the story of Demi and Alex, young lovers who fall for each other quickly – too quickly, one might think. The film raises the question of how well two people can know each other, and shows how quickly a relationship can go askew.

Ma Terre by Michael Rue

“I remember a sweet and strange perfume that emanated from the street – it was the taste of freedom, my freedom! My first time riding my bike without training wheels, without my father beside me. But then the darkness comes back to me, sounds fade slowly disappear, then I’m in the dark, cold, afraid. I can’t move, I’m stuck, a prisoner. I must call, scream, yell! But who am I? Where am I?”

From director Michael Rue.

The Icons by Mitchell Rose

This short is a comedy that takes a look at alternative interpretations of signage we see everywhere we go. Directory Mitchell Rose, in conjunction with BodyVox (a Portland, OR, based dance company), the icons from well-known signs come to life to show a different side of being an Icon.

Come out and support independent filmmakers by getting your ticket to the Pacific Coast International Film Festival on April 15th!

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