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The 3rd annual South Bay Festival of the Arts on June 22, 2019, will feature over 15 musical acts on three different stages. Here is a sneak peek of the acts on the Armstrong Theatre Stage.

Hosted by Shawn McMaster

Comedy magician Shawn McMaster will host the Armstrong Theatre performances. Thanks to his unequaled blend of sophisticated magic and hilarious comedy, Shawn has performed all around the world. He seamlessly blends the astonishing with the absurd, delighting audiences everywhere.

Sara Carson & Hero

The breakout stars of season 12 of America’s Got Talent, Sara Carson and her dog Hero, will be headlining the Armstrong Stage! They will star in two performances and do a meet-and-greet afterwards so fans can see Sara and her pack up close.


RK Dance

RK Dance in action!

Contemporary dance company Regina Klenjoski Dance Company prides themselves on delivering provocative dance theater performances that have made them a staple in the LA art scene. Artistic director Regina Klenjoski is known as an active and ambitious choreographer who leads a roster of six dancers and even more collaborating artists.

Torrance Youth Chorale

The Torrance Youth Chorale has been providing musical training to youngsters in the Torrance area since 2011. Since its inception, the Torrance Youth Chorale has grown steadily each year and performs in venues all around Los Angeles and the South Bay.

Soul Movers

With a commitment to build strong, spiritual dancers from the inside out, Soul Movers helps connect its dancers to Christ while developing a solid dance foundation at the same time.

Neiya Arts

Young dancers from Neiya Arts.

Neiya Arts was founded by Delilah Vasquez in 2017 with the purpose of sharing and spreading Latino culture around the United States. With a mission to preserve and present Mexican culture through the arts – like dance, wardrobe, crafts, and storytelling – Neiya Arts provides community services that allow its students to shine.


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