Amazing Grace

With all the craziness going on in the world today, I have to confess that at times, it seems like we are riding an emotional rollercoaster. Some days we are truly optimistic and some days are filled with despair. Then you meet someone like Grace Fisher.

I learned about Grace through an old friend of mine who shared some of her videos on her social media page. The video posts were mostly of a young girl in her mid-late teens playing music. She was full of life and you could tell that the music was inside her just waiting to come out.

5 years ago, Grace lost all ability to move. She can no longer strum her guitar, dance on the stage or do just about anything else that a young girl in her early 20s can do. Still, she has found a way to create music, stay optimistic and enjoy the beauty in life.

This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In light of this special day, Easterseals has put together a film challenge honoring people with disabilities. This year, Lynn Montgomery (the director of the feature length documentary ‘Amazing Grace’) entered a 5 minute documentary about Grace’s story. You can watch it here:

Easterseals’ social media contest for these short videos is an attempt to bring awareness not only to the organization but the ADA as well. The video that gets the most views and shares wins! You have until August 2nd to help Grace’s video win. Please watch, like, and forward this message to help us promote our short.

Grace also has a non-profit organization to help young people with disabilities experience the arts. Learn more here:


We had the honor of having a conversation with Grace on the TOCA backstage podcast!  Join our conversation here:



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