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The South Bay Festival of the Arts on June 24th will not only feature musical entertainment, but also hands-on creative workshops and art projects for the whole family. (Register for your free tickets here!)


Come enjoy a live performance, sample the goodies from local eateries, and create memories with your loved ones that you can take home and hang on the wall.  Workshops will be offered by these fine local art studios.


Angel’s Gate Cultural Center


The Angels Gate Cultural Center was created by a group of San Pedro artists in the 1970s in order to offer the community an art exhibition space and studios for local artists.  Since then they’ve grown into a place that “unites art, community and culture through creative discovery, exploration, and enlightenment.”  They put on gallery exhibitions throughout the year and teach classes and workshops in everything from writing to ceramics, printmaking to yoga, to artists of all ages.


Art Experience Studio


The Art Experience Studio strives to provide visual art experiences for kids that foster a creative process – and don’t focus as much on the end product.  The staff and teachers from the studio help students become more well-rounded by encouraging artistic perception, aesthetic values, and self esteem through the artistic process.


Art to Grow On


Art to Grow On has been enriching the lives of children all across the South Bay with mobile art experiences since 2000.  The teachers at Art to Grow On have put on workshops at schools, daycares, camps, parties, community events, and more, to help children learn the essential life skills (like critical thinking, problem solving, creative skills, and self expression) that art can help foster.


El Segundo Museum of Art – Art Lab 21


More than simply a museum located between a post office and a taco shop, ESMoA is an “art laboratory”.  They’ve made it their mission to “spread the spark of creativity” through immersive art experiences presented in a variety of media: sculpture, paper, performances, photography, and more.  Each year the visionaries from ESMoA curate three different experiences centered around themes and/or concepts.  They also offer community programs for special events where they bring the art experience to the world.


South Bay Art Dept


Since April of 2012, the South Bay Art Dept has encouraged students to get rid of preconceptions and stereotypes and approach art with an “innocent eye”.  They want to awaken students to seeing the same old things in new and creative ways!  South Bay Art Dept offers classes, parties, community events, and summer camps classes in all sorts of artistic endeavors: sculptures, painting, drawing, cartooning, and even fashion illustration.


South Bay Contemporary


Contemporary artists have found a home with South Bay Contemporary SoLA – a non-profit who connects the South Bay and Los Angeles communities through contemporary art.  Each year SBC SoLA hosts art exhibitions, performances, educational workshops, artist talks, and more, to bring artists and communities together.


Summer Studios Arts Academy


Summer Studios features a gallery and exhibition space, an extensive art reference library (covering everything from fine art, calligraphy, and drawing to modern graphic design and pottery), and also ongoing classes for students of all ages.


Varnette P. Honeywood Artwork, LLC


The legacy of nationally acclaimed and internationally renowned artist and illustrator Varnette P. Honeywood lives on in through her foundation.  The Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation aims to “improve the quality of life for every member of the human family, and [cultivates] a widespread commitment to creating a more enlightened society…”  They focus on scholarship programs for art students, and raising funding and awareness for reproductive cancers.


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