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The sport of BMX, or Bicycle Motocross, was built on a love of racing.  Influenced by the racy motocross motorcycles, the small, sporty bikes were designed to fly down dirt roads and leap over dirt hills.  But since the sport came into its own back in the 1970s, there have been many changes – both to the bikes themselves and to the way BMX racing was done.

The Birth of Freestyle BMX

After BMX racing grew in popularity over the 60s and 70s, freestyle BMX was born in its wake.  Freestyle BMX took the dirt racing a step further.  People started riding their BMX bikes around skateboard parks and up wooden ramps.  They did jumps and created tricks, shredding just like the skateboarders of the same era.

Because freestyle BMX was fun to watch and fun to perform it caught on like wildfire!  The first freestyle “how to” article in BMX Action Magazine was published in 1979, and soon the first freestyle BMX team (BMX Action Trick team) was created.   They started performing at events all around the country and more freestyle BMX teams formed wherever they went.

The sport grew in popularity, hitting its peak in the 80s.  New bike models were released regularly, BMX bike parts became standard at bike shops everywhere, and new components and accessories exclusively for freestyle were readily available.

Meet Robert Castillo, Freestyle BMX Pro

It was during the peak popularity in the mid-80s that Robert Castillo came into his own on the freestyle BMX scene.  He started as a factory team rider for GT Bicycles and went on to win 3 AFA National Championships before touring for nearly a decade with some of the biggest names in the BMX business.  Robert worked closely with GT Bicycles for decades on marketing their team shows and creating more BMX products (including some of the most iconic bikes in the industry).

Living Legend – Robert Castillo from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

It was through his skills and experience that the GT Bicycles Air Show became the top traveling BMX stunt show in America.  They performed at major theme parks, half time shows, and Robert has even had his own act in Vegas.  With over 6000 shows under his belt, Robert has made his mark as one of the most respected producers, managers, designers, and BMX entertainers in the world.

Today’s BMX Freestyle Team

Today Robert is the proud owner of the BMX Freestyle Team, one of the top BMX show companies in the country.  They perform different types of BMX stunt shows at schools, corporate events, festivals, and sporting events.

But the bike tricks and stunts are only part of what they do.  They also spread positive messages meant to educate and inspire the youth they perform for.  The team includes messages about character building, bike safety, helmet law regulations, rules of the road, anti-bullying, and more.

Robert Castillo’s BMX Freestyle Team features some of the best action-sport athletes of today in an action packed stunt show.  The logic- and gravity-defying tricks have been amazing crowds for over 30 years.  Come see for yourself how these bikes and their riders fly through the air and dance across the ground.  It’s a show you won’t soon forget!


Reserve your spot for our 2PM or 5PM show here: Reserve your seat

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