The 3rd annual South Bay Festival of the Arts

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

11:00 am until 5:00 pm

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Music and art festivals have been around for decades. Having the opportunity to see multiple musical favorites, or emerging artists, over a day or weekend is an exciting adventure.

But, along with all the talent on stage at festivals also come crowds of people.  While being around people who are all enjoying the same experience can be very powerful, it can also feel a little, stifling, at times.  Too many people can make getting food, or even using the bathroom difficult at best.  There are few things worse than waiting in line for over an hour only to find the food you wanted is sold out, or having to stick a finger in your bladder as you wait for your turn in a porta-potty.

Luckily, there’s a solution for the too-many-people-at-the-festival blues at this year’s South Bay Festival of the Arts!  And that solution is a VIP ticket.


The Perks of Being a South Bay Festival VIP


We want to thank you, our Special Supporters, who are just as passionate about the arts as we are!  It’s your generous support that helps us bring diverse, high caliber arts experiences to the South Bay community.
To show our appreciation, we’re pulling out all the stops to provide you with a true VIP experience at the festival!  As a thank you for your $150 donation, you’ll get:


VIP ticket holders receive:

  • Express Check-in.  Beat the crowds with exclusive express check-in at the t-shirt/ticket booth.
  • Reserved VIP parking.  With over 3000 guests expected to attend the Festival, parking could become an issue!  Your VIP ticket will get you a reserved parking spot near the venue, so you won’t need to worry about catching a shuttle!
  • Preferred seating for the Armstrong and Nakano Theatres.  With so many shows happening on different stages, you’ll never have to worry about finding a good seat.  Your VIP ticket guarantees you preferred seating at every show on every stage.
  • VIP seats in the shade.  It gets hot sitting in the sun, but you won’t have to worry about that with your VIP wristband.  You’ll have VIP access to shaded outdoor seating in the plaza!
  • Wristband good for unlimited VIP buffet & drinks, plus access to air-conditioned VIP lounge.  When the crush of the crowd becomes too much, take a breather in the air-conditioned VIP lounge.  Stay out of the sun and enjoy a delectable array of appetizers, entrees, and desserts from chef Jean Cordero of Entertaining Friends catering.  You’ll also be served wine, beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and water in the VIP lounge without having to wait in line at the beer garden.
  • Access to private VIP restrooms.  No matter when you’ve gotta go, you’ll be able to use exclusive VIP restrooms available only to the festival VIPs.

Want a little taste of the VIP life but not the whole enchilada?  Then our newest ticket special could be perfect for you: with a $75 donation you can be a member of our Culture Club.


Culture Club ticket holders receive:


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With your VIP or Culture Club ticket you can support the arts in the South Bay and have the most enjoyable Festival day possible!


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