James Armstrong Theatre

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The South Bay Festival of the Arts on June 24th will feature over 15 musical acts on four different stages. Here is a sneak peek of the acts on the Armstrong Theater Stage.

Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra

The Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra (PSYO) was founded in 1993 by the Pacific Symphony’s music director, Carl St. Clair. The PSYO represents 29 schools in and around Orange County and offers educational and performance opportunities for musicians in grades 9-12. These young musical prodigies rehearse every weekend and perform a three-concert series every symphony season.



Encore South Bay

Non-profit theatre company, Encore South Bay, is more than just a theater company – they’re mentors and community leaders, too. They take their mission to “create leaders through arts education and mentorship programs” very seriously, even as they encourage their performers to be themselves and explore their own unique creativity.

Videography of Live Theater in Los Angeles – Beauty and the Beast from Marc Gold on Vimeo.

McNulty Irish Dancers

In 1971 Barbara McNulty founded the original McNulty School of Irish Dance near Chicago. Since its founding more than 45 years ago, McNulty School of Irish Dance has opened up schools in more than 20 locations all over the United States. They offer classes for dancers of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. Their programs are designed to help students develop concentrations, coordination, and self-confidence – skills that help both on, and off, the dance floor!

Asano Taiko – UnitOne

Asano Taiko US, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of taiko drums (for over 400 years!) is home to taiko performing ensemble UnitOne. The ensemble has performed in both the United States and Japan and features some of the most exciting world-class taiko performers in North America!

Dance 1

Francesca Stern, founder and owner of Dance 1, strives to provide a positive, supportive learning environment for everyone who dances through her doors. All dancers who take classes receive a high-level of training – no matter if they are interested in dancing for recreational purposes, getting into shape, or for a professional career. Also home to the Redondo Ballet and a performing company, Dance 1 performers always put on an amazing show!

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